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ICD9 CM stands for International Classification of Diseases, 9th Revision, Clinical Modification.

ICD9 CM is a clinical modification of the World Health Organization's International Classification of Diseases. ICD9 CM Codes may also be referred to as ICD9 Codes, ICD diagnosis, code diagnosis or simply ICD9. There are approximately 17,000 ICD9 Codes for 2007.

ICD9 Codes serve as a useful tool in the area of classification of morbidity data for indexing medical records, medical care review, ambulatory and other medical care programs; as well as for basic health statistics. An ICD9 Code is a set of three to five digit numeric and alphanumeric codes. ICD9 Codes are used to describe symptoms, diseases, conditions, and other reasons for seeking healthcare services. To describe the clinical image of the patient, the ICD9 Codes must be accurate; more than those needed for statistical groupings and trend analysis.

All conditions, (ICD9 Codes), which are documented in the medical record, are required to be coded. The ICD9 Codes affect patient care, treatment, or management during the treatment encounter. ICD9 CM Codes beginning with the letter “V” are used when the patient seeks health care for reasons other than illness or injury. An example of a “V” code, ICD9 Code, may be a well-baby exam or a physical. The disease classification has been expanded to include health-related conditions and to provide greater specificity at the fifth-digit level of detail. The fifth digit of the ICD9 Code is not optional; it is intended for use in recording the information substantiated in a patient’s clinical record.

The ICD9 Code is used in conjunction with a CPT Code. The relationship between the ICD9 and CPT Code refers to the medical necessity of the procedure. The CPT Code describes the procedure; the ICD9 Code describes the diagnosis. There may be several ICD9 Codes used with one CPT Code.

Our intuitive based ICD9 Code search allows you to find the exact ICD9 Code you need. You can search ICD9 Code information by term, code, or category. Descriptions are provided for every ICD9 Code. ICD9 Codes are offered with NCD, CPT CrossCode information. DocOfficeRx automatically up-dates ICD9 Codes which have been changed, added or deleted.

Correct ICD9 Coding prevents unnecessary denials and inhibits faster reimbursement.

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